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Successful conclusion of Workshop on GMP, GHP, HACCP 15-16 Dec - progress in strengthening the quality environment for domestic production & exports

May 16, 2018 48

The EU Trade & Private Sector Development (TPSD), the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control (DFTQC) and the Dairy Industries Association (DIA) completed a very successful 2 days workshop on  Dec 15/16 at Dhulikhel Mountain Resort Hotel focused on implementing Good Hygiene Practise (GHP), Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) and hazarding analysis critical control point (HACCP) food safety risk management system in the dairy sector. The results of a Pilot Programme for 6 dairy processors which was conducted between Sep 2016 and Dec 2017 were presented. The programme implementation was benchmarked against the Guidelines and Checklist for auditing then implementation GHP, GMP and HACCP in the dairy sector which were developed by DFTQC in 2015/16 by DFTQC with the support of the TPSD project.  The Pilot Programme enabled a baseline for microbiological criteria in milk and dairy products to be established based on laboratory test results for raw milk quality and pasteurised milk. This will be used as a basis for updating Nepalese standards for milk and dairy products in line with international norms.  All six plants participating in the Pilot programme showed a consistent improvement in reducing microbiological contamination of pasteurised milk. The six plants committed to continuing the programme to improve their implementation of GHP. GMP and HACCP and will utilise at their own expense the expertise of local consultants previously engaged by the TPSD project for this purpose.

The TPSD Project support to the Pilot Programme is part of a series of TPSD activities designed to strengthen the quality infrastructure and quality environment to produce international standard quality and safety food and non-food products in Nepal bit for domestic consumption and export.  Improving the quality environment with enable domestic producers to compete effectively with imported products and at the same time facilitate export market access by reducing the risk of export market entry. This in turn will increase the propensity to export. The potential economic impact includes an increase in exports, higher demand, production and consumption of domestic products, a reduced trade deficit, increased manufacturing employment and reduced rural poverty.

The workshop was attended by staff of DFTQC, senior management and quality control staff of the 6 participating dairy processors, the DIA, the staff of Department of Livestock (DLS), national and international consultants in total about 44 persons.

The TPSD Project is planning to extend support to implement GHP, GMP and HACCP to the Coffee Sector with the implementation of a Pilot Programme in 2018

For more information please download : GMP applied at 6 dairies in Ktm Valley - MONEY - The Kathmandu Post.pdf