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Trade and Private Sector Development

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Legal Metrology Training in Kathmandu & Pokhara

May 16, 2018 31

The EU Trade & Private Sector Development (TPSD) Project and the Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology (NBSM) launched 12 day On the Job Training Programme for 11 Legal Metrology (Weights & Measures) Inspectors from NBSM on Jan 29th 2018. This follows the successful completion of a similar programme for 11 inspectors in Kathmandu earlier in Jan 2018.  The Programme was launched by the DG NBSM Mr. Bishwoo Pudasaini who stressed the importance of the training programme to strengthen NBSM’s capacity to ensure compliance by producers, traders and exporters to international measurement standards and to provide calibrations services to international standards to industry.  This will ensure confidence in the quality and safety of Nepal’s commerce and trade on the domestic and export markets.

The successful implementation of the Legal metrology training programme is a major TPSD project output designed to:

·  Strengthen NBSM’s capacity to ensure compliance with international measurements standards and to provide calibrations services to producers and exporters across sector including the Export sectors prioritised in the NTIS;

·  Strengthens the broader quality infrastructure and quality environment which is critical for the production of agricultural produce,  food and non-food products and for the economic development and growth of the sectors prioritised in the NTIS;

A strong robust national quality infrastructure ensures confidence in the quality and safety of Nepals commerce and trade; both intra domestic trade and extra export trade. It provides a platform for producers to innovate, reduces export market entry risk and increases the propensity of domestic producers to export. Metrology is a cornerstone and lynchpin of the national quality infrastructure as illustrated in the attached figure (jpeg).

Research in the USA in 1984 estimated the Contribution of measurement to the economy as 3.5 % of the GNP (Source: Estimates of the Cost of Measurement in Twenty Major Sectors of the U.S. Economy, NBS, 1984). A wide range of US economic impact studies since the 2000s found  that an average  benefit-cost ratio for investment in capacity building  of 47:1 across all sector ranging from 4:1 for Building Technology (commercial construction system integration & automation technologies) to 249:1 for Information Technology (computer security. It is also important to point out that the importance of metrology extends well beyond economic benefits such as in the fields of health and safety, the environment, law and order, defence and security, and leisure and trade.

The TPSD Project is implemented under the Ministry of Commerce (MoC). Its support to the NBSM for Legal Metrology capacity building is part of a series of TPSD activities designed to strengthen the quality infrastructure and quality environment to produce international standard quality and safety food and non-food products in Nepal bit for domestic consumption and export. Improving the quality environment enables domestic producers to compete effectively with imported products and at the same time facilitate export market access by reducing the risk of export market entry. This in turn will increase the propensity to export. The potential economic impact includes an increase in exports, higher demand, production and consumption of domestic products, a reduced trade deficit, increased manufacturing employment and reduced rural poverty.